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SSL/TLS Email Encryption

NETDOOR mail servers support the encryption of email transmission from your client to the mail server and when reading email via POP or IMAP. This may be useful to you when working in public places over unencrypted wireless links or from your home computer for that extra level of protection from prying eyes. Most clients support one of several methods to encrypt this traffic with either SSL or TLS. This seamless encryption method is transparent to both sender and receiver and provides an easy-to-use and safe method of communicating over the Internet.

Internet Standard Mail Ports

Unencrypted Traffic Standard Port
POP 110
IMAP 143
SMTP (client) 587
SMTP (server) 25

To enable email transmission encryption you will need to make one or more of the following changes to your email client settings.

Encrypted Traffic Preferred Port / Method Alternative Port / Method
POP-S 995/SSL 110/TLS
IMAP-S 993/SSL 143/TLS
SMTP-S 587/TLS 465/SSL

Encryption Before and After Changes