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E-mail Passwords

NETDOOR considers the security of our network to be paramount to our reputation and our business. NETDOOR maintained servers and network equipment are configured with strict access protocols, yet due to their inherit design; some aspects of network security are left in the hands of the user. Such is the case with email systems. While our mail systems are protected from unauthorized intrusion and placed behind firewalls, it cannot be protected against weak user specified passwords.

SPAMMERS are all too familiar with the design failures of email handling systems and have devised simple, yet highly effective methods of breaching user accounts for the purpose of distributing SPAM, such as dictionary based attacks. These attacks are effective because most users do not understand the ramifications of weak email passwords.

NETDOOR invests significantly in the fight against SPAM and has successfully litigated SPAMMERS in the past, yet this considerable investment can be undermined by a single user with a weak password. The financial costs of fighting SPAM are high, but the costs of not fighting it are significantly higher. Since the passage of the CAN SPAM ACT both the user and the service provider can be held financially responsible for the distribution of SPAM and fines can easily exceed many tens of thousands of dollars. We all must do our part to ensure we help prevent such events from happening.

In addition to financial cost, NETDOOR suffers loss of reputation, with our customers and with other service providers when user accounts are breached and used to send SPAM. NETDOOR mail servers are "black listed" which results in our customers' legitimate email begin rejected by remote mail servers that utilize independently managed reputation lists. These lists are managed at the sole discretion of the firms controlling them and none are required to delist NETDOOR servers. This poses a significant risk to our customers and our business in general. This "black listing" not only effects NETDOOR, but everyone using email whether it is hosted at AOL, GOOGLE or even Microsoft.

Email users are now required to utilize complex passwords for email. Complex passwords include any combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters, special characters and must be no less than eight (8) characters in length. NETDOOR will police this policy vigorously, utilizing regular security audits of our mail systems. Users found to be in violation of this new policy will be temporarily disabled without prior notice until a more suitable password is provided.

Currently to change your password simply you will need to contact your email administrator within your company. This is the person that can change your existing password using our MailPanel control panel.

If you would like to ensure your password is strong enough go to