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Reporting Outages & Understanding your T1

Jackson MS: 601.969.1434
Toll Free: 1.877.NETDOOR (1.877.638.3667)

We pride our self in the ability to monitor our T1 services. We use multiple tools and procedures in a front line, proactive approach towards the detection of potential outages. This means we will more than likely already know about the outage before you call and will have investigated the cause and implemented in place procedures to correct the issue.

1. To Report or Check on the Status of an Outage

To report or check on the status of an outage, simply call us at 601.969.1434 or 877.NETDOOR (1.877.638.3667) and press option 1 for commerical support. Notify the rep that you’re reporting a T1 outage. We will ask you for the details. We’ll need your company name, your name and your callback number. We’ll determine where the trouble is located and work at correcting it.

2. About T1’s

A T1 or Digital Signal Level 1 (DS-1) is a symmetrical connection, allowing for downloads and uploads of up to 1.5 Mbps. T1’s provide a very reliable connection for businesses that rely heavily on employee and customer access to data and applications. There are two flavors of T1 lines.

  • Full T1. Offers the full bandwidth of the T1’s 24 channels, 64K per channel x 24 channels = 1536K.
  • Load Balanced or Bonded T1’s. Offers the full bandwidth of multiple T1s for better speed and performance. It also offers an almost redundant connection. Multiple T1's are used separately but equally allowing the availability of the service, if one circuit is down the others maintain service.

T1's are provided to our customers over copper wiring in either 2-wire or 4-wire configurations. The HLU (HiGain Line Unit) in the CO (Central Office) connects to an HRU (HiGain Remote Unit) at the customer’s location. The HRU is also known as the demarc (demarcation point) or the smart-jack due to the remote features it is capable of. The circuit is then connected to a CSU (channel service unit). This provides the connection to the equipment (router). Sometimes the CSU is built into the router meaning only one piece of equipment is needed instead of two.