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Webmail Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you change to Roundcube?

A: Roundcube aims to have an "application-like" interface, rather than a "webpage" interface. Because of this many behaviors that people are accustomed to seeing in webmail clients (such as single-clicking on a link to open a message) are intentionally very different in Roundcube. Roundcube attempts to leverage the power of Javascript to offer functionality that doesn't exist in any other webmail client but which we take for granted in even the most basic Windows or Macintosh application. This makes it much more secure and performance driven.

Q: How do I delete email?

A: To delete a message simply click on the message you wish to delete and click the delete button. This will move the message to the trash folder. In trash you follow the same steps to delete mail from Trash or simply logout and the mail in your Trash folder will be deleted.

Q: I am using <insert web browser program name> and having problems accessing webmail.

A: Please ensure that your browser is listed at If your browser is listed, please contact our support department with the full error message for further support.