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Editing Your Website Files

NETDOOR offers a website modification service billed per-hour in 15-minute increments should you need to make any changes to your existing website but don't have the time nor capabilities in-house. We charge $85 an hour pro-rated for this service. Simply send your changes to and they will be completed within 24 hours. If you need the requested changes completed sooner please let us know.

For those editing their own websites you will need an HTML editor, an FTP client and the necessary login information provided by NETDOOR to make changes to sites hosted by us. While there are many choices available, we suggest the following open source software.

HTML Editor
An editor is used for creating and editing your website files. For Windows, CodelobsterPHP or Notepad++ is available. For Mac, Smultron or TextWrangler can be utilized. For Linux, a text editor is already installed: use gedit if you're running Gnome, or Kate if you're running KDE. NOTE: Microsoft Word is a word processor, not a text editor. Do not use Microsoft Word for editing your files.

FTP Client
An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client is used for transferring files between your computer and the server. To upload and access your website files use any FTP program such as FileZilla (free), CuteFTP (Commercial) or WS_FTP Professional (Commercial, free trial).

WebSite Access Information
You will need the URL of your web serverand your website login name password to save files on the server. This information is provided at the time service is established. To obtain this information again, please call our Commercial Support team at 601.969.1434/877.NETDOOR and press option 1.

Generally, this information would be:

Username: webcompanyname
Password: Eif4Ohve

A browser is used for testing your site. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for web development, followed by Apple Safari. For compatibility sake, please remember to test the website with Microsoft Internet Exporer and several mobile phones.

*Note: We do not provide support for the products listed above. Please contact the vendor if you experience any issues.