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Google Toolbar

Publisher: Google
Latest Version: 7.1.X -- Download

The toolbar autoupdates itself, no
need to download the new version!

  1. What do I need to use the Google Toolbar?

    The minimum system requirements for running the Google Toolbar are:

    • Windows XP SP2/Vista+/Windows 7
    • Firefox 2+

  2. I have a MAC. Can I install the Google Toolbar?

    The Google Toolbar is not currently available for the MAC. The good news though, is that Apple's Safari browser offers a Google search box, enabling you to perform Google searches directly from your address bar. Safari can be downloaded for free from Safari also can be configured to perform Google searches from its address bar. To learn how, visit

While we suggest this program as a good search utility and popup blocker, NETDOOR cannot provide technical support for this program at this time.